The Role of Diet and Mental Health

New research is coming out about the role of diet on ones mental health. And it appears there is a lot more research on this topic to come. There are evidenced based findings showing a correlation between a healthier diet and better mental health, as well as the converse. It can be confusing about what […]

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness Based Therapy? Would it benefit me?

Mindfulness has become a common buzzword as of late. There is definitely some confusion and mixed information about what it is. Is it a form of meditation? Is it a mindset? Do you have to meditate to be mindful? These are some questions and concepts I’ll dive into. What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice […]

Using Mindfulness to Gain Freedom from Bad Habits

Finding Freedom to Choose Something Different Bad habits are negative behaviors that are repeated, have become engrained and are hard to break. Most of us develop a bad habit at one point or another. Generally bad habits form to comfort ourselves.  A habit is a loop where there is a stressor or cue, a behavior […]

An everyday meditation for stress and anxiety – for beginners

An everyday meditation for stress and anxiety – for beginners We have all heard that meditation is beneficial to calm our mind and body. However, to many of us it sounds daunting and we don’t know how to go about it. Here is a simple meditation that anyone can do, anywhere. Why should you consider […]

10 Ways Couples Therapy Can Improve Your Relationship

Why It Takes More than Love to Have a Successful Relationship For relationships to be long lasting, partners need to be able to work together compatibly in the vast range of life’s domains. These domains are also the most intimate and emotional aspects of life. Included are: short and long term financial planning, parenting styles, […]

Teach Your Baby Healthy Sleep Habits for Life – Sleep Training from a Therapist’s Perspective

All new parents struggle to obtain adequate sleep while caring for their babies. We all become eager for our babies to begin sleeping through the night. When we look into sleep training, advice tends to fall from one extreme to another, ranging from strict intervals of when you can soothe a crying baby to very […]

How to Work from Home Effectively

I recently had a stint of working from home and experienced how challenging it was despite my previous conception that it would be entirely easy and convenient. To assist myself I utilized my tools as a therapist to develop an action plan. Perhaps it will be helpful to you too. The pointers listed below are […]

Theatre To Awaken Your Soul

Theatre is a great way to awaken your soul. There are so many types of theatre and one for every budget. Search on-line for the theatres in your area. The small off off Broadway type playhouses often have very creative and unusual productions for very low cost. Sometimes they are even the same price as […]


“Not all who wander are lost” One of the most effective ways I have found to clear my head and lift my mood is to get out in nature and take a hike. Hiking recreates that childlike experience of exploration, sparking curiosity and wonderment. Being out in nature and connecting to it is amazingly healing […]

Improve Your Relationships

Avoid These 3 Communication Pitfalls Relationships with others are the building blocks of our life from family to career. The quality of these relationships directly correlates to our happiness, satisfaction with life and general well being. We want our relationships to be positive but we all struggle with them at times. The quality of communication […]