10 Ways Couples Therapy Can Improve Your Relationship

Love - couple holding hands in love, beach sunsetWhy It Takes More than Love to Have a Successful Relationship

For relationships to be long lasting, partners need to be able to work together compatibly in the vast range of life’s domains. These domains are also the most intimate and emotional aspects of life. Included are: short and long term financial planning, parenting styles, religion and spirituality, sex, life style, hobbies, housekeeping, in-law relations, life goals, travel, and friendship – to name a few. Being a partner in all of these areas creates a complex web of interactions and roles.

A successful partnership and marriage requires a lot more than love. The success of a couple depends on how well they can conjointly navigate these vast areas of life. When looking at it this way, it’s no wonder why so many couples have serious conflict or end in divorce.

My overarching goal in therapy with couples is to improve your functionality as a team, develop skills to move through obstacles quickly when they arise, and to refocus on enjoying one another.

To accomplish this, I will assist you to:
1. Examine areas your partnership is working and build on these
2. Gain insight into how each partner’s background is impacting current ways of interacting
3. Identify areas of conflict and what may be underlying them
4. Learn and apply problem solving skills to move through conflicts swiftly and thoroughly, avoiding unfinished business (“baggage”) from remaining
5. Make concrete changes such as shifting roles and altering methods of interactions
6. Decrease misunderstandings by improving communication skills
7. Improve anger management tools so you don’t lash out on your partner
8. Improve stress management skills so you don’t come home depleted
9. Lessen the frequency of future conflicts through reinforcing these new skills
10.Refocus on your shared interests and enjoying one another

All couples can benefit from counseling, whether you’re in a new relationship or have been married for a long time. Most people don’t seek therapy until they are faced with a serious challenge. It’s equally beneficial to utilize therapy to build a strong foundation and to enhance your relationship.

Be well,