Theatre To Awaken Your Soul

Theatre is a great way to awaken your soul. There are so many types of theatre and one for every budget. Search on-line for the theatres in your area. The small off off Broadway type playhouses often have very creative and unusual productions for very low cost. Sometimes they are even the same price as a movie. I happen to love performance art. Recently I went to NYC and saw “Sleep No More”, by Punchdrunk, a British theater company formed in 2000. It is an immersive experience that is a cross between a “choose your own adventure”, haunted house, art installation and theatrical drama. It is based on a contemporary and deconstructed version of Macbeth. I highly recommend it! Even if you don’t make it to this one consider it as inspiration to check out what’s in your area.

When you arrive at “McKittrick Hotel”, the setting for Sleep No More, you are encouraged by the “innkeepers” to “be bold” and that “boldness will be rewarded” meaning potential interactions with the actors. Facilitating this is a mixed sense of anonymity and voyeurism evoked by mandatory masks worn by all audience members and the rule of no talking. You immediately lose the people you came with due to the uniformity of the masks, darkness and labyrinth like setting. Both alone and on your own you explore the “McKittrick Hotel”, coming upon unusual sites, sounds, settings and characters that evoke varied sensations and emotions. Be warned this includes some nudity and violence. With your anonymity you are free to try out different identities and ways of interacting with your environment. I played with being more bold and forward and crossing boundaries I usually wouldn’t dare, such as climbing on set pieces and holding hands with an actor. I was rewarded with my mask being lifted and a kiss on the cheek. All of the elements come together to create a completely absorbing experience.

After the play you end up in a 1930’s style lounge that is complete with a fantastic singer and live band (as seen above). Enjoying this while talking about the individual experiences each of you had is an amazing way to end the night!

Currently running to November 5th, 2011. Click here to discover their official website:

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