Toxin Free Skin Care: The Basics

If you don’t want the ingredients IN your body, don’t put them ON your body

Almost all available skin care products on the market contain ingredients that are toxic to the human body. Skin is the human bodies largest organ and it’s known that what is applied to skin is largely absorbed into our bloodstream. Therefore when a skincare product containing toxic ingredients is applied to the skin these toxins are ingested. Numerous research entities have found that exposure to these toxins can have detrimental effects on our health which include: Cancer, Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Neurotoxicity, Endocrine disruption, Allergies/immunotoxicity, and Organ system toxicity. Fortunately its pretty simple to avoid this exposure by reading product labels. If you find ingredients you don’t want IN your body, then don’t put them ON your body!

Even more good news is that there is a nonprofit called Environmental Working Group that is dedicated to providing consumers with information on products that contain toxic ingredients and locating those that don’t. To facilitate this they have a fantastic website called Skin Deep: that contains data on almost all body care products on the market.

Their website describes: “It’s our mission at [EWG] to use the power of information to protect human health and the environment… Companies are allowed to use almost any ingredient they wish. The U.S. government doesn’t review the safety of products before they’re sold…”

As soon as you enter the site there is a main bar where you can enter the different products you use. Put in the products you are using and you will be shown a rating of the product based on its toxicity level with 0 being the best and 10 being the worst. The information includes a listing of each ingredient, its toxicity level, what it can do to the human body and whether or not the company tests on animals. I forewarn you it’s scary.

You will find that old favorites like Neutrogena, Aveeno and Purpose have products that score up to 9 (highly toxic) AND test on animals. After freaking out, click the product categories like sunblock, toothpaste, or facial moisturizers and the site will show you a list of products starting in the 0-1 range and that don’t test on animals. Consider starting to buy these. You will notice that just because the company makes a couple of low toxin products that not all of their products are necessarily this way. Read about each product before you buy or find a company where ALL of their stuff is trustworthy.

As with any beauty product there will be some trial and error to find replacements for your current ones that you like. Whenever I think I like my “old” one better I remind myself that its impossible that a chemical laden product can do anything other than damage my skin and body over the long term – no matter what benefits the label says it has.

A few products I like to get you started:
For sunblock: Soleo Organics All Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+; rated 1; a touch oily but overall really great product for the beach or all day sun activities. Check out soleoorganics.comFor daily facial moisturizer with SPF: Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+; rated 1
For daily body moisturizer with SPF: Devita Solar Body Block SPF 30+; not currently rated on SkinDeep but I imagine the rating should be about the same. Find these at:

Great Product Line: Suki  – rated mostly 0-2; noteworthy for their facial cleanser, moisturizer, eye crème, and toner which I use and love. They have one line for combo/oily and one for combo/dry – which is very moisturizing. The products have a really nice and fresh smell.

More to come, including toxin free make-up!